Company seeks personnel

A vacancy has arisen within your company.
You are looking for well-educated and experienced personnel in the technical sector.
For a long or short period.
Looking for a suitable employee for the vacant job yourself demands valuable time.
On top of that, you will only be able to offer three temporary contracts, for a total of two years.
The solution is as simple as it is effective. An email or telephone call to Liber Technical Services is all you need to do.
We stand behind our selected candidates.
Flexible employees can work through Liber  for 5.5 years. Free from obligations or a permanent contract.
As an experienced party in the technical sector, short briefings concerning the vacancy are sufficient. We speak your language.
We will search for the suitable candidate within our network. We read CVs effortlessly.
Expertise, immediate employability and the duration of availability are leading factors.
A few suitable candidates will subsequently be introduced to you.
If needed, we can offer your employees  housing service.


Flexible employees without the financial risk

If a candidate is considered suitable, he or she will start as a flexible employee. Liber  will document this in a temporary employment contract.
After 78 weeks, employment can be continued with a secondment period.
This period lasts a maximum of four years, during which time we can give six temporary contracts.
You will be able to use motivated employees with a temporary contract.
Liber  will carry the financial and legal risks.


  • Machine construction
  • Ship building/offshore
  • Construction
  • Steel construction

Liber TS is NEN 4400-1- and SNF-certified and follows the CLA of the sector organisation NBBU.