Because of the growth and professionalization of the golf market experienced and qualified Greenkeepers are an absolute must. Laying and maintenance of a golf course is a considerable investment for a golf club. This is why they look for Greenkeepers with a vocational training, and the necessary qualifications and work experience. 

Liber Greenkeeping has the necessary experience and has specialised in constructing a network of experienced (British) Greenkeepers for the Dutch market. Where else than in England, the birthplace of golf, could you find sufficient qualified Greenkeepers. Our Greenkeepers have all followed a vocational training and have several years of practical experience. This means that they can be employed in a function right away and they can get to work in your team independently. 
Liber Greenkeeping can provide golf courses throughout the whole of the Netherlands with qualified Greenkeepers. In addition to the recruitment we also take care of the housing of our employers. Naturally, as close to the golf course in question as possible. 

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Are you looking for work as Greenkeeper? Then  Liber Greenkeeping can help you further. 

A Greenkeeper is an important factor on the golf course. He is responsible for the laying and the maintenance of the golf course. Working daily to make sure that the golf course is perfectly in order. We are looking for Greenkeepers that can work independently. In the Netherlands there is a lack of experienced and qualified Greenkeepers. This means that we are constantly looking for Greenkeepers who want to live and work in the Netherlands temporarily.

What can you expect from us? If you are expatriated, this can be for short or long projects. Mostly during the season of March to October or for the whole year. Flexibility is important. On the golf courses work is done in teams, but you also have to be able to work independently. The working environment on the golf course is informal, collegial and in general the employees also speak English. 

Liber Greenkeeping has considerable experience with placing Greenkeepers. If necessary we take care of the housing, naturally as close as possible to the golf course in question. We also take care of a good introduction to the job and we also provide involved supervision during the work.

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